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In 1998, Soludia Maghreb laboratory was born from the successful technology transfer from Soludia France to its subsidiary Soludia Maghreb.

Soludia Maghreb Knew how to use Soludia France’s expertise in de hemodialysis field, and orientated its strategic choices towards:

  • Proposing quality products, recognized by the European level since 2006, ISO certification 13485 and ISO 9001.
  • Insure the development of new formulae to personalize the treatment of the patients.
  • Developing new packagings of products to meet better the needs of hemodialysis centers in Morocco.

Soludia maghreb offers you ideally suited solutions to every haemodialysis center namely acid central, 5liter acid bag, cartridge of bicarbonate powder etc.

Conscious of the impacts of competitors and market globalization, which demand a high level of efficiency and latest technologies, we continue to fulfill the challenge.

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